Family Visit – #11

This morning, as just about every Sunday morning, Chris and I went to the grocery store together. We like to shop together and if we get up early enough the store is relatively empty on a Sunday morning. The kids stay home and watched a movie. We always bring home breakfast.

After we ate, we immediately went outside to finish that pile of dirt. We walked around the yard and filled in all the wholes were we cut trees down. It was nice to see that pile of dirt gone!!!

My cousin and his family came over to visit with nanny. Our kids entertained their little ones. It was so nice to see our children so patient. Not a usual behavior with one another.

I then spent much of the afternoon preparing meals for the week. Anna had a birthday party to attend, so I spent some time at the party too. That evening Chris decided he wanted us to all watch Swiss Family Robinson. I forgot how great that movie was! We spent a quiet night at home together. It was wonderful!

Until tomorrow…


Never-ending Dirt Pile – #10

Remember last weekend when we cleaned up the garden? Well our 7 yards of dirt was delivered during the week. Chris started to move the dirt Friday night. Today we worked to finish moving the pile into the garden. We worked all day. Barrel after barrel was brought over and spread around the garden. We would look over and think are we done yet but no another barrel came. 7 yards is a lot of dirt!


Ry got to play with one of his close friends today. He loves hanging with his buddy JJ. He hasn’t seen him in a while he was so happy to have him over. They spent the day going to the play ground, playing video games. and nerf wars.

Also some neighborhood conflict was relatively resolved. This was not an easy task and in all honesty, I was taken completely off guard. I was happy that Chris stayed with me as the conversation happened. And I am humbled that the family wanted to finally resolved it. I pray for continued peace in this area.

The day was long and tiring on many levels and we didn’t event finish the pile.

Until tomorrow…

Dinner with a Friend – #9

I am not always a good friend. I tend not keep in contact with people. It takes me a lot of effort. I am also a bit of a homebody. I love to have people here but I am not good at inviting people. And I am a terrible hostess, always forgetting to offer drinks or food.

I recently realized that school was ending soon and I really should get together with some of my friends. Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend of mine. We sat and talked for quite a while. It was so great to sit with her and I realized that I don’t do this often enough. It takes a lot of effort to be a good friend.

Tonight, I had dinner with a good friend of mine. I haven’t seen her in a few months. She told me about what has been happening in her life recently and it made me very sad. I knew there was some trouble but I did not realize how bad it was. I realized that she and her family need to be more in the forefront of my thoughts and prayers.

After dinner we went and walked around Costco until it closed. We had some of their frozen yogurt, so good! We didn’t get back until 9. This is late to me, I’m old. Her daughter had a good time at our place and the girls were happy to be together.

Until tomorrow…

Cultivating Lancaster – #8

Chris has had his own business since before we met. He has always done freelance work for a few companies in Harrisburg. A few years ago he decided to start his own photography company. This has been a rough road because it takes a lot of time away from family. Since I don’t work, we need his full time income to support us. With young children that are very active, it is hard to put your full effort into running a business and being there for your children.

I have stayed home this past school year and wondered what my future has in store for me. I have prayed a lot about what is next. Chris and I started kicking around a few ideas. I came up with something that I think I can enjoy. It is relatively in my field of study. Because it has been several years and I have no idea how to start or run a business, I am taking a few courses to refresh my memory.

Last night Chris and I went to a Entrepreneur Conference in Lancaster called Cultivate Lancaster. It was really cool. I have never been to this sort of Conference, I am a math nerd so my conferences consisted of statistics and data software. I am overwhelmed by the information we received but I am also overwhelmed at the number of people that want to help small business succeed. It was amazing to see the mentors and all the organizations there.

This is a new venture and I am very excited but also very nervous. Questions run through my head. What if I don’t get any clients? What if I make mistakes? What if no one likes me? What if this works? What is my end goal? What in the hell am I going to name my company? Do I need a tagline?

I am happy to know that there are people out there willing to help me but I am still scared shitless.

Until tomorrow…

Hershey Bears – #7

Chris’s company offers a lot of benefits and perks. He has worked there for 17 years and likes the company. Anyway, his company sends us to Hersheypark, Harrisburg Senators, and Hershey Bears Games every year. It is a nice perk. These are things we wouldn’t typically spend money on, but since they offer it for free our children get to have some cool experiences.

Sometimes we get lucky and we will get club seats to a Penn State Game or a suite at the Senators Game. Last night his company had extra tickets to the Hershey Bears Playoff Game. We usually end up in the 200 level seating (nose bleed) but this time they were 100 Level and super close to the ice. We don’t usually go to things like this on a school night but it was a playoff game and we needed some family time.


Anna of course did not truly enjoy it, just the food. Because all that girl does is eat. Ryan got so into it he did not want to leave. Chris and I of course liked it, but what I think I liked more was watching Ryan’s face as he watched the game. We left at the end of the 2nd period because the kids were tired and Ryan had PSSA’s in the morning. The Bears ended up losing in OT but it was a good game.

Until tomorrow…

Tuesdays – #6

Tuesdays are always a surprise. Today was particularly interesting. Started off the day by sewing curtains. They were way too long so I needed to shorten them. Then I continued on my list and cut our my laundry labels. While I was cutting out the labels I got a rather upsetting phone call.

We all want to see our family members succeed. But what we don’t want is for our family members to do it by doing something unethical or illegal. I want to see my sister succeed in life. I want that for all my siblings but especially my youngest sister. Most of my siblings have good lives. The littlest is working on hers and she has had a lot of bumps along the way, including today.

When you are walking into adulthood it is hard to realize that you need to own up to your mistakes. It is hard to say, “That was my fault and I am sorry.” And often times we don’t want to do it. As adults, we don’t have to but then we turn around and teach our children to accept responsibility. We can’t have double standards for our children. Besides they learn by your actions, so if you want them to own up to mistakes, then you must do it yourself.  Sorry ranting…

It was a hard day but it did not get any easier. The lent itself to fight amongst children. For whatever reason, Ry is mean to his sis, who thinks the world of him. He ended up going to bed early and I ended up laying with him until he calmed down and fell asleep. Probably the best part of my day, watching my baby boy sleep.

Until tomorrow…


Mondays – #5

Below was my bible verse this morning. It spoke to me. It gave me the sense that God is always with me. My day started with a sense of peace.

Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;) – Hebrews 10:23

At the beginning of each week, I write down the things that I would like to accomplish by the end of the week. Then I list the things that need done each day. I do not include things like laundry and make dinner; but I will include things like exercise and take a shower. I include those because if I don’t see it written down for me to cross off, I will not exercise and I must take a shower immediately after. I mean, who wants to smell like sweat all day?

Of course today was another rainy day. “April showers bring May flowers.” But I was able to get some things completed outside in between drizzles. My children seem to have more outside toys than the man in the moon. And they were just thrown about on the porch. I believe we also have at least 3 balls for every sport. Seriously, why do we need 3 basketballs? We don’t coach at team in our driveway; not every person needs a ball. I cleaned up the toy bins and moved all the balls to a big metal barrel.


Now if only it would stay like this.

I also finished moving the bricks for the garden and tied my twine for the lattice.

Today was a hard day for me. Because of the rain, I did not want to do anything and in all honesty I did not feel much joy today. Sometimes our blessings for the day may be hidden from us.

It was by no means a horrible day, I actually accomplished a lot. My kids were good and kind to each other (doesn’t always happen). And no one was hurt. But I tend to find my days at home boring. Summer is coming soon and the kids will be home. That will liven things up a bit around here.

Until tomorrow…