Earth Day – #4

I started my day with my 2 monkeys jumping in my bed and attacking me. We literally had to pry Ryan off of me. Those kids were up at 6:15.

We celebrated Earth Day a day late. Our intention was to work in the garden on Saturday, but it rained all day. We made Saturday our lazy day, after the games. I have a huge amount of dirt coming on Tuesday and these garden beds needed to be prepared. All four of us worked all day to clean out the beds, pull the weeds, and move the bricks to a more walkable position.


Anna and Ryan worked very hard. Don’t get me wrong I probably yelled at them 100 times for goofing off or not being safe but they still worked very hard. The finished product looks great! All we need is weed mat. We ran out so that just means we get to go to Costco (my favorite place).

By the end of the day I was wiped out and so was everyone else. I ended my evening with both of my children on top of me again. They attached themselves to me and Chris had to take each one off and take them to bed.

Until tomorrow…

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