Tuesdays – #6

Tuesdays are always a surprise. Today was particularly interesting. Started off the day by sewing curtains. They were way too long so I needed to shorten them. Then I continued on my list and cut our my laundry labels. While I was cutting out the labels I got a rather upsetting phone call.

We all want to see our family members succeed. But what we don’t want is for our family members to do it by doing something unethical or illegal. I want to see my sister succeed in life. I want that for all my siblings but especially my youngest sister. Most of my siblings have good lives. The littlest is working on hers and she has had a lot of bumps along the way, including today.

When you are walking into adulthood it is hard to realize that you need to own up to your mistakes. It is hard to say, “That was my fault and I am sorry.” And often times we don’t want to do it. As adults, we don’t have to but then we turn around and teach our children to accept responsibility. We can’t have double standards for our children. Besides they learn by your actions, so if you want them to own up to mistakes, then you must do it yourself.  Sorry ranting…

It was a hard day but it did not get any easier. The lent itself to fight amongst children. For whatever reason, Ry is mean to his sis, who thinks the world of him. He ended up going to bed early and I ended up laying with him until he calmed down and fell asleep. Probably the best part of my day, watching my baby boy sleep.

Until tomorrow…


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