Hershey Bears – #7

Chris’s company offers a lot of benefits and perks. He has worked there for 17 years and likes the company. Anyway, his company sends us to Hersheypark, Harrisburg Senators, and Hershey Bears Games every year. It is a nice perk. These are things we wouldn’t typically spend money on, but since they offer it for free our children get to have some cool experiences.

Sometimes we get lucky and we will get club seats to a Penn State Game or a suite at the Senators Game. Last night his company had extra tickets to the Hershey Bears Playoff Game. We usually end up in the 200 level seating (nose bleed) but this time they were 100 Level and super close to the ice. We don’t usually go to things like this on a school night but it was a playoff game and we needed some family time.


Anna of course did not truly enjoy it, just the food. Because all that girl does is eat. Ryan got so into it he did not want to leave. Chris and I of course liked it, but what I think I liked more was watching Ryan’s face as he watched the game. We left at the end of the 2nd period because the kids were tired and Ryan had PSSA’s in the morning. The Bears ended up losing in OT but it was a good game.

Until tomorrow…

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