Never-ending Dirt Pile – #10

Remember last weekend when we cleaned up the garden? Well our 7 yards of dirt was delivered during the week. Chris started to move the dirt Friday night. Today we worked to finish moving the pile into the garden. We worked all day. Barrel after barrel was brought over and spread around the garden. We would look over and think are we done yet but no another barrel came. 7 yards is a lot of dirt!


Ry got to play with one of his close friends today. He loves hanging with his buddy JJ. He hasn’t seen him in a while he was so happy to have him over. They spent the day going to the play ground, playing video games. and nerf wars.

Also some neighborhood conflict was relatively resolved. This was not an easy task and in all honesty, I was taken completely off guard. I was happy that Chris stayed with me as the conversation happened. And I am humbled that the family wanted to finally resolved it. I pray for continued peace in this area.

The day was long and tiring on many levels and we didn’t event finish the pile.

Until tomorrow…

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