Eye Appointments and Migraines – #33

I realize my world is small when I say this but one of the worst things in the world is a migraine. I have been getting them much of my life 10 years ago I figured out how to deal with them. I started seeing a Chiropractor. Now I go once a month and it keeps the headaches and migraines away.

Today we had our family eye doctor appointment. The doctor and I tried different lenses and I ended up getting a headache wearing one set. This is because I of course put them in wrong. She said right then left but I am left handed so I went left then right. Well the headache was almost immediate. I knew I needed an adjustment for a few days but I was trying to hold off.

The headache kept getting worse and worse even with medicine it wasn’t going away. I broke down and called the Chiropractor. They were able to fit me in and I had a quick adjustment. Because the headache was so bad, I knew it wasn’t going to go away so I went to bed early.

Until tomorrow…

Office – #32

There is a constant discussion in our house as to where the office should be. The layout of  this house is not suitable for an office. We have 4 nice sized bedrooms that are taken up by 5 people. Actually, the master is the smallest but we have 2 closets and a bathroom in ours. We have a nice room for the kids to hang out with their friends and watch TV. We also have a living room for family movies and adults.

Then we have a separate kitchen (small) and dining room. We plan to make one big kitchen-dining space. We finally decided that the far wall in the dining room will be the office space. We have added a couple base cabinets and are in the process of a few uppers for space. There will be 2 works stations. This will be where I can work and where Chris can work on projects. The nice thing will also be that the dining table will be additional space if needed.

I thought it would be cool to add contact paper to the back of the cabinets. Yeah never again…..


I f@*#&$g hate contact paper!! Thank God there will be doors on the cabinets. We did a horrible job. Oh well, you live you learn.

Until tomorrow…

Gymnastics Showcase – #31

First off, I want to say I made it to 31. I didn’t think it was possible. Yeah me! Celebrate the little things right!!

Today was a busy day. I didn’t sleep well and when I did finally fall asleep Ryan woke me up an hour later freaking out because he thought he had poison. It was just a bug bite.


Anna was the star of the show today. She had a soccer game and her gymnastics showcase. Her head was not in the game at soccer. In fact, most girls were not in the game. It has been a strange season. Yesterday is was 90 degrees and today we barely made 60. Man it was cold and windy out there.

After that we immediately went to Anna’s Gymnastics Showcase. We have never been to one of these shows. It was crazy. Things are happening everywhere. It was difficult to keep my mind focused on Anna. She was amazing though!! I have not seen what she has learned. I usually drop off and my friend picks her up. I was so proud of her and how far she has come.


The show was at noon and went an hour and an half. We were so hungry by the end. We went out for lunch. While we were at lunch we decided that we should go see the new Diary movie. So we went home changed cloths and went to the movies. So Funny!! I laughed and laughed!!

Until tomorrow…

Night Games – #30

Well I talked to a friend today and she had some good advice. I took the advice and used it with Ryan. He seemed to better understand the point we are trying to make. And though he is upset about his discipline, he seems to understand why.

That evening he had a soccer game. They did Awesome!!  What a wonderful way to end a hard week. It was still hot but at least we had a nice breeze, a beautiful sunset, and a lot of fun cheering on the boys.

Until tomorrow…

Mustaches – #29

We are working in the Dining/Office Area. Chris bought these mustaches a few months ago and wanted to take a family photo with them. We forgot we had them because they were set off to the side. Well the kids found them in the chaos. So they decided to put them on.

Today was hot!! And though the day started out good it did not end that way. Ryan acted out in a way that was out of character, twice. We are pretty sure as to why but even so we are upset by the behavior. I was particularly mad because he did to someone who already has a rough life.

I am currently at a loss as to how to react.

Until tomorrow…

Projects Galore – #28

So the weather is bipolar because today it was 90. I mean seriously! It is May! Chris said I picked the hottest day to work in the garage. It really didn’t get bad until around 2:30.

I have a bunch of unfinished projects I am working on in the garage. Since we are trying to set up the official office, I needed to get to work on these projects. So I laid everything out. Chris took the doors off the cabinets for me and I got to work sanding, painting, and staining. I am hoping that most of these projects will be out of the garage by Sunday night.

I am not going to get the doors painted this week but at least the cabinets will be ready to hang. I can work on the doors next week. I am so excited to see the office!!

Until tomorrow…

Shadow Boxes – #27

So for 7 and 9 years, I have wanted to do something cute with the kids coming home outfits. I kept them in a box knowing I needed to display them. I finally purchased shadow boxes last week. I had to attach the cork to the back of the board so I could pin their outfits on.

I just love how these turned out! I am so happy I now get to look at my kids baby stuff everyday.


I also finished up a special shadow box for my husband. We lost his cousin 8+ years ago. Aaron was greatly honored by his family and friends. I truly believe his 22 years left a lasting legacy onto this world and hundreds of people. We are glad to know he is with Our Lord.


Until tomorrow…