Tiny Tornado – #14

My sweet loving baby girl, aka “Tiny Tornado.” I was talking to her teacher and she mentioned that she was surprised to hear we called Anna the tiny tornado. She said that Anna is very neat at school. I laughed. I am glad she is clean at school but her at home she leaves a path of destruction anywhere she goes. I mean look at that picture. Why in the world is there a pencil at the bathroom sink? Bubbles?? Bunny Ears??

And I had already started cleaning before I took this picture.

Don’t get me wrong, Anna is amazing. She has one of the kindest hearts of anyone I have ever known. But she is also one of the messiest people I know. Ryan, Chris and I are neat freaks we like things put away. Then Anna comes along and you can follow her path by looking for things that clearly don’t belong where they are currently located.

Anna says that she is and artist and artists are supposed to be messy. But seriously, what the hell are you drawing in the bathroom while brushing your teeth?

Needless to say I started to clean today. Annabelle’s path had gotten out of control and the whole house needed a good scrubbing. Thanks Anna for inspiring me to clean.

Until tomorrow…

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