Egg Sandwiches – #16

I was still not feeling great this morning and I did not sleep well. I told Ryan that I was not going to make him a sandwich this morning because I was really tired. He decided he was going to make us both breakfast today. We have allowed him to make eggs before. I am trying to teach him to be self sufficient. He did a great job. He thought he did horribly because he he turned the burner off between the ham and the egg, but the egg cooked just fine.

Today was a slow weird day. The weather was horrible. It poured most of the day. I decided it was a good day to watch some of my videos for my classes. I needed desperately to finish Unit 2. Most of this is a refresher for me but I still need to complete it.


The lecturer has given us a list of recommended books and I have recently purchased most of them. Chris also bought me a book about small business and women. I am excited to start reading them. I think they will be really helpful with this process.


I don’t usually pick up the kids because they like to ride their bikes but since it was such a rainy day, I did. Anna decided to to do acrobatics on the back seat of the car. What a monkey!


Until tomorrow…

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