Family Visits – #17

Today we got to visit with Chris’s family. They only come to our place about once a year and in all honesty my Sister-in-law has never been to our house. My in-laws were watching my nieces for a few days so they brought the girls down to our place. The intention was to have a picnic and to take the kids to the playground. Well that didn’t happen. The weather had its own plans in mind and it rained all day.

The girls seem to think we live at my in-laws because that is the only place they have ever seen us. So it was nice for them to see where we actually live. They had a great time playing with Anna’s doll house and coloring.

Ryan got to show grandpa his gaming. He loved that. They also go to see Ryan’s remodeled room, which we did last summer. Ryan currently has the coolest room in the house.


We were able to visit with Mimi and eat awesome food. Thanks Skip for taking all the pictures!

Until tomorrow…

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