Allergies Screw up Everything – #18

I have been told over the years that I have issues with allergies.

When I was 21, I found out that I was allergic to Cigarette/Cigar smoke. I used to get so sick when I would go out to bars. Then I spent a long period of time in a car with one of my parents. I had to go to an Urgent Care facility and he said to me you are allergic to smoke.

To handle this problem, I would take Allegra before I would go out to bars. Well, I haven’t had to worry for the last 10 years because you can no longer smoke in a bar if at least 20% of the sales are food sales. And well guess what, I don’t go to bars that don’t have food anymore.

Every year we go to the eye doctor in the spring. Every year the eye doctor asks if I have allergy issues. And every year I say no why? Well my eyes apparently tell a different story than my mouth. They always give me eye drops, which I never use.

Well in the last 2 months, I have been hit twice and hard with allergy issues. First, when I went to visit my family in March. I spent a long time in the car with my father and though he didn’t smoke, he smelled of it and it irritated my allergies. And now. I have never had quite the reaction I am having this year to spring. I am not sure if it came on too fast or what, but I am back to taking Allegra so I can tolerate the outside.

Until tomorrow…

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