The Hershey Story – #36

I was at the Hershey Museum years ago when it was attached to the old Hershey Arena. I don’t remember it being very exciting but I was only in my 20’s and I probably just didn’t care as much. I have not been to the new museum until today.

It is beautifully designed and very informative. I had a wonderful time and I learned a lot about Milton Hershey and the Factory. They have these little books you can buy for the kids, it is called “The Apprentice Program” for $3. I felt that it made the children more engaged and helped them learn more about Milton Hershey. The seemed to have a great time finding the answers to the questions and learning about the Hershey Legacy.

We also did a chocolate tasting at the end. I am pretty sure I am the only one that truly enjoyed it. Ryan didn’t even bother trying the chocolate. Anna did but I am not sure she liked it.

Until another day…

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