Mustaches – #29

We are working in the Dining/Office Area. Chris bought these mustaches a few months ago and wanted to take a family photo with them. We forgot we had them because they were set off to the side. Well the kids found them in the chaos. So they decided to put them on.

Today was hot!! And though the day started out good it did not end that way. Ryan acted out in a way that was out of character, twice. We are pretty sure as to why but even so we are upset by the behavior. I was particularly mad because he did to someone who already has a rough life.

I am currently at a loss as to how to react.

Until tomorrow…

Projects Galore – #28

So the weather is bipolar because today it was 90. I mean seriously! It is May! Chris said I picked the hottest day to work in the garage. It really didn’t get bad until around 2:30.

I have a bunch of unfinished projects I am working on in the garage. Since we are trying to set up the official office, I needed to get to work on these projects. So I laid everything out. Chris took the doors off the cabinets for me and I got to work sanding, painting, and staining. I am hoping that most of these projects will be out of the garage by Sunday night.

I am not going to get the doors painted this week but at least the cabinets will be ready to hang. I can work on the doors next week. I am so excited to see the office!!

Until tomorrow…

Shadow Boxes – #27

So for 7 and 9 years, I have wanted to do something cute with the kids coming home outfits. I kept them in a box knowing I needed to display them. I finally purchased shadow boxes last week. I had to attach the cork to the back of the board so I could pin their outfits on.

I just love how these turned out! I am so happy I now get to look at my kids baby stuff everyday.


I also finished up a special shadow box for my husband. We lost his cousin 8+ years ago. Aaron was greatly honored by his family and friends. I truly believe his 22 years left a lasting legacy onto this world and hundreds of people. We are glad to know he is with Our Lord.


Until tomorrow…

Accidents Happen – #26

So this happened today. What you don’t see is the stone pile that is underneath the dirt pile. I had 3 yards of stone and 3 yards of dirt delivered to the house today. But for some reason when the guy dumped the stone, the latch came undone and the dirt came down right on top of the stone. I just stood there and laughed. It was quite the site.

Chris called the company and they sent someone out to clean it up… with a shovel. My grandma said to him “It’s gonna take you all day to do that!” in her cute little German accent. He had another guy bring out a front loaded and they had it picked up in no time.

They came back and I now have 2 separate piles on my driveway.

Until tomorrow…

Mother’s Day – #25

Today is my day. It was still spritzing this morning. As per normal Sunday, we went to the grocery store, we had donuts, and we had a lazy Sunday morning.

By the afternoon, the sun came out and we were able to start planting. The kids helped me plant all my fruits and vegetables. This will be our first year for a garden. I am excited to see how many plants we get. I have never done this before so I am a little nervous. I tend to kill plants.

Of course, I am using my grandma as a resource. She will help me learn how to be a good gardener.

My son made me these lovely Mother’s Day Cards.

Until tomorrow…

Wash Out – #24

Well today was a wash out! It rained all day. They still had Ryan’s soccer game but other than that we didn’t do much today. We enjoyed the a day to rest and work on projects in the home. Anna got rid of a whole laundry basket worth of clothing, Ryan played on his iPad, Chris worked on the computer and I am not sure what I did. Productive huh?

That’s all I got for today.

Until tomorrow…

The Tiny Tornado – #23

So my Tiny Tornado’s shirt finally showed up at the house! A few months ago we were at the Silo’s for Spring at the Silo’s (totally by coincidence). There we met CeCe Lively and fell in love with her shirts. She uses a T-shirt brand called Next Level and they are so soft and comfortable.

Anyway, I walked away buying 2 shirts one for me and one for Ryan. Then she made this MAMA shirt and Dad Life shirt so I ordered them online. We love our shirts so much we decided Anna needed one too.

We ordered her a custom Tiny Tornado shirt. It is perfect for her!

If you are interested in her shirts here is a link to her shop:

Until tomorrow…