Gymnastics Showcase – #31

First off, I want to say I made it to 31. I didn’t think it was possible. Yeah me! Celebrate the little things right!!

Today was a busy day. I didn’t sleep well and when I did finally fall asleep Ryan woke me up an hour later freaking out because he thought he had poison. It was just a bug bite.


Anna was the star of the show today. She had a soccer game and her gymnastics showcase. Her head was not in the game at soccer. In fact, most girls were not in the game. It has been a strange season. Yesterday is was 90 degrees and today we barely made 60. Man it was cold and windy out there.

After that we immediately went to Anna’s Gymnastics Showcase. We have never been to one of these shows. It was crazy. Things are happening everywhere. It was difficult to keep my mind focused on Anna. She was amazing though!! I have not seen what she has learned. I usually drop off and my friend picks her up. I was so proud of her and how far she has come.


The show was at noon and went an hour and an half. We were so hungry by the end. We went out for lunch. While we were at lunch we decided that we should go see the new Diary movie. So we went home changed cloths and went to the movies. So Funny!! I laughed and laughed!!

Until tomorrow…