Eye Appointments and Migraines – #33

I realize my world is small when I say this but one of the worst things in the world is a migraine. I have been getting them much of my life 10 years ago I figured out how to deal with them. I started seeing a Chiropractor. Now I go once a month and it keeps the headaches and migraines away.

Today we had our family eye doctor appointment. The doctor and I tried different lenses and I ended up getting a headache wearing one set. This is because I of course put them in wrong. She said right then left but I am left handed so I went left then right. Well the headache was almost immediate. I knew I needed an adjustment for a few days but I was trying to hold off.

The headache kept getting worse and worse even with medicine it wasn’t going away. I broke down and called the Chiropractor. They were able to fit me in and I had a quick adjustment. Because the headache was so bad, I knew it wasn’t going to go away so I went to bed early.

Until tomorrow…